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ABOUT Liz Gascoigne

Liz Gascoigne is a contemporary visual artist who creates artwork in a range of media. She works at Clumps Orchard Studio in Oxfordshire UK.

Liz loves colour and the materiality of collage, transfer and mixed media. Currently she is exploring cold wax techniques using bees wax from Clumps Orchard.

Liz teaches iPad for Artists - please register your interest for the next short course (weekly session for 5 weeks) - see classes.

Liz coordinates a series of regular Arts and Wellbeing sessions at Clumps Orchard Gallery including Life Drawing and Painting sessions, yoga, Piates and singing sessions. 

in 2021 Liz launched a community platform Clumps Creatives which is a call for people inspired by Wittenham Clumps to be creative and share their drawings / paintings / photos / digital images with others online through a public membership group.  All local creatives are welcome to participate.

If you would like more details about paintings and commissions, classes, upcoming art events and online creative groups, please contact Liz via


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