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How to Purchase Gascoigne NFTs


What is an NFT?

NFT is an abbreviation for a Non-Fungible Token. This means it is a unique, easily verifiable and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger using blockchain technology to establish proof of ownership. NFTs can only be purchased with a crypto currency.

What is Crypto Currency?

Cryptocurrency is any form of currency which exists digitally or virtually and uses cryptography to secure the transactions. Cryptocurrencies don’t have a central issuing or regulating authority, instead they use a blockchain system to record transactions and issue new units.

What is a Blockchain?

It is a unique public ledger which guarantees the legitimacy of the NFT. The Gascoigne NFT collection is being sold online via the digital platform Teia.Art using the Tezos blockchain - the cryptocurrency for the Tezos blockchain is the tez (plural Tezos) which has the symbol XTZ.

Do I need Crypto Currency to purchase a Gascoigne NFT?

Yes you can only purchase Gascoigne NFTs using crypto currency which means you will need to set up a digital wallet containing some Tezos. You can find more details about how to set up your wallet with Tezos and how to purchase an NFT by following the steps below.

What is difference between an NFT and the original painting?

The Gascoigne collection of NFTs are digital works of art similar to the original physical paintings but they have in some cases been enhanced and adapted for the online marketplace.

Why would I buy an NFT and what would I do with it?

You may decide to buy an NFT because you like the digital image, for much the same reasons as you would buy a physical painting. You could also buy an NFT as a form of investment which you might chose to re-sell at some point.

Should I re-sell my NFT or hold onto it?

Of course it is up to you and it depends ..... an NFT is like any other collectible as it may increase in value overtime. In other words you could become a collector of NFTs or you may decide to re- sell your NFT on the Tezos blockchain.

Do I have to purchase NFT if I bought the original painting?

Not at all, purchasing the NFT is an optional extra, the purchaser of the original physical painting will be given the right of first refusal. If you do not wish to buy the NFT within a month of it being offered to you then it can be purchased by another collector through the NFT marketplace.

LINK to view Gascoigne NFTs :

If you would like to purchase one of the Gascoigne NFTs, just follow the steps below.

FIVE STEPS to become an NFT Collector

1) Download Chrome Extension plugin here. This is your key to Web 3.0 and trading NFTs; it will be used to login into a Tezos based blockchain NFT marketplace.

2)  Create a Temple wallet - this is where you will keep your Tezos wcrypto currency.

3)  Buy Tezos on or using sterling. Start with investing £20-50 sterling.

4)  Send Tezos to your Temple wallet (created in step two).

5)  Collect Gascoigne NFTs from my collection in exchange for Tezos using this link: Just click on the Gascoigne NFT which you like and the details will come up; if you would like to purchase you click on Collect for 5 tez. Once purchased your art will be transferred to your Tezos wallet and visible in your Temple wallet via the chrome extension.

Congratulations, you can now tell your friends you’re an NFT Collector!!

Any queries please email

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