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Updated: Apr 21, 2018

Well, hello, you may wonder why I am starting an artist blog.

This month I'm making the transition from being a part time artist to working as an artist full time. Previously my time has always been constrained by being employed or running my own business. By opting for a change of career and freeing up more time, I'm hoping the emerging artist will finally emerge!

Whether or not I can become a jobbing artist and create some income, as well as create relevant artwork remains a moot point. I plan to explore a number of strands and pathways, some more commercial than others.

This blog will follow my journey in attempting to become a full time artist, which for me means not being so distracted by everything else and mastering social media to get my artwork out there (wherever that might be). I've talked about having an art website and blog for years but never managed to action this, here goes ...................

forbidden pomegranate

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